5 excellent SEO tips for your website

5 excellent SEO tipsSo you´ve just released your new website. Maybe it´s a blog or maybe it´s a e-commerce site, either way you want as many visitors as possible. To get traffic to your website you will need to work with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here are five great SEO tips.


1. Write like a journalist

Google and other search engines want to know what your website is about. To help them out you need to write content in a way they can understand. The easiest way is to write your posts and articles similar to how a journalist would write. In other words you need a lead, body with article information and a conclusion of some sort.
In a blog this form of writing comes naturally but it might be a bit harder for a e-commerce site. The easiest way to keep this way of writing on a web store is to have all your product information written almost like small reviews. This is a superb way of getting your products noticed.


2. Easy to read URL´s

Below are two URL examples, one of them is good for SEO the other is not. I think you can figure this out.



The second URL is much easier to understand. An average reader will understand that it leads to “great deals” just by looking at the URL. This easy to grasp URL name will also help search engine crawlers understand your sites structure, which is great for SEO.


3. Header-tags – H1, H2, H3…

The header tags are quite useful for improving your SEO. You should use the header-tags correctly though, especially the H1-tag.

The H1 tag should be the header for a specific page on your site. You should not have your business name or website name as a H1 tag for every page, that only makes it confusing for crawlers to analyze your website.

The other headers such as h2, h3 and so forth are also useful for SEO and should be used as subheadings for your articles.


4. Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) is great for checking your websites status and improving your SEO.

With Google Search Console you can see how visible your site is for Google and if there is anything you need to fix to improve it.

The most important thing you should do with this web tool is to upload sitemap of your website. This will help Google to scan your entire site quite fast and understand it´s structure. This will in turn improve your SEO on Google´s search engine.


5. Find your keywords and phrases

When I am talking about keywords I do not mean keywords in a website metatag. The metatag keywords are nowadays obsolete so you can basically ignore them.

What I mean by keywords are keywords (and or phrases) you use in your content. For example if you have a website where you sell hats you should find words and phrases with which your readers can find your store. It can be along the lines of “cheap hats online”, “fashionable hats” or “party hats”. Find words and phrases which are relevant to your specific site and use them repeatedly in your content.
The same goes for other websites such as blogs. Find a general theme for your blog, what your blog is about like a fashion blog or a gaming blog, and use keywords related to that theme in your content.

A helpful tool for finding useful words are Google Trends. With it you can see how popular different keywords are on Google´s search engine.


Of course, there is so much more you can do to get a good rank on Google and other search engines but I hope these tips will help you with your SEO. If you have any questions about these tips just write a comment below and I will try to answer as soon as possible.