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5 excellent SEO tips for your website

5 excellent SEO tipsSo you´ve just released your new website. Maybe it´s a blog or maybe it´s a e-commerce site, either way you want as many visitors as possible. To get traffic to your website you will need to work with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here are five great SEO tips.


Tutorial: Build a responsive Web Audio Synthesizer with Nexus UI

Top image for websynth tutorial articleSynthesizers plays a huge role in modern music making. It plays lead for most electronic dance music and it´s used for texture and effects in many rock songs.


With Web Audio API you can make your own synthesizer for the web and play your own musical masterpieces.
In this tutorial I will show you how you can make your own web-based synthesizer with the help of Web Audio API, JavaScript, html and CSS. The design will be responsive so the web synthesizer looks good for both desktop and smart phone.


Why Riku.se?

Maybe you´ve noticed my web site is named Riku.se and are wondering how that relates to me. Well, then let me explain 🙂   I really like Japanenese culture and I have studied the Japanese language at Stockholm University and also in a language school in Japan.   My name Patrik is spelled パトリク, which […]